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TerraLogis is a professional location service provider. We help our clients navigate the intricate web of parameters and stakeholders involved in industrial site selection on a global scale. 

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What We Do

Site Selection

We advise on all aspects of site selection and are well-qualified to design and manage the optimal approach to meet our clients' project goals.  Each project begins with a Definition Phase, enabling the combined Client and the TerraLogis Project Team to align on objectives, operating requirements, expectations, and critical path.  The Definition Phase is followed by a customized multi-phase location screening process to narrow the universe of locations to a shortlist that optimizes the client's objectives.  Site Visits to the shortlisted locations ensures project compatibility and facilitates further real estate exploration and incentives negotiations.

Economic Incentives & Public Funding Advisory

Building upon the preliminary incentives estimates derived earlier in the site selection process, TerraLogis engages in negotiations with the relevant governmental authorities. We can even help our clients identify, apply for, and eventually claim public funding for expansion projects with relevant authorities. These include EDOs, government agencies, utility companies, and education/training institutions.  Typically, a significant proportion of an incentives package will be site specific. 


TerraLogis works closely with the client’s Legal, Accounting, Real Estate, Engineering, and Environmental team members. 

Real Estate

At the client's request, TerraLogis will provide a full complement of real estate assessments, negotiation and acquisition services.   We provide these services for manufacturing plants, distribution facilities, headquarters and other corporate facilities.   

Economic Development / Labor Studies / HR Services

The primary focus of our EDO studies is to quantify and assess an area’s labor market assets and potential shortcomings, while making recommendations on marketing strategy and workforce development practices where appropriate. Economic Development and HR Services  help you understand the labor market of a particular area. 

Utility Due Diligence

Through a comprehensive review process, we evaluate sites based on the availability of utilities like natural gas, electricity, water, and wastewater. We then match these best-fitting sites with clients of varying demands and desired specifications across any industry.

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