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What We Do

With a specialization in the North American market (including the United States, Mexico and Canada) TerraLogis can help you find success - wherever the market takes you. We provide our clients with a holistic approach to corporate location, spanning locational factors, real estate, labor and operational considerations. Our services also span a range of options in scale - from first feasibility studies of a potential market entry to comprehensive location studies and incentive negotiations together with our selected partners.

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Location Screening & Analysis

  • Existing & Greenfield Locations

  • Benchmarking Locations for Planning Purposes

  • Identification of Shortlist Locations

  • Site Quality Assessments 

  • Recommendation for Site Due Diligence


Human Resources Analysis

  • Market Labor Studies

  • Commuting Pattern Analysis

  • Labor Cost Studies

  • Benefits Studies

  • Labor Compliance


Site Visits | Field Evaluation | Incentives

  • Due Diligence Analysis of Potential Locations

  • Sites, Buildings & Infrastructure Review

  • Incentive Modeling & Negotiation

  • Incentive Compliance

  • Project Implementation 

Our Experience

TerraLogis provides fully integrated advisory services covering all aspects of the corporate location decision. We walk you through the entire site selection process and give our best recommendations based on your specific area of business. Our comprehensive menu of corporate consulting services cover all of the areas listed above.

Our Approach

Our approach to location analysis blends both science and art. Data metrics are of central imporance – but equally as important is the interpretation of the data and how it informs the  objectives of a new or expanded business operation. TerraLogis'  experience ensures you have experts to decipher the true meaning of every relevant data point.

Why Us?

TerraLogis maintains a comprehensive databank totaling over 750 variables, consistent across all geographies (for example by drive time, county, metro, regional submarket, state and nation). Specialized data includes historical union election activity, resident labor pools by occupations , and market wages compiled into targeted occupations and industries. 

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Would like to know more?

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